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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Visits to this blog - 2009 (significant increase of visitors)

I published a stat report about this blog in February 2009, which showed 30037 unique visitors during 2008-2009. Here is the StatCounter report for 2009-2010.

There were 55,839 unique visitors, 25000 increase compared to last year. I could not write much blog posts during the last year due to frequent project releases. However which did not seem to affect my user community. This blog was started to help novice users in SOA/Web Service space and Software Quality Assurance community to share my ideas, tips and specially How-Tos. I always refrained from posting any non-technical subject matter in here. I was able to reply most of the questions raised in blog posts, however there were situations that I could not follow the comments and reply. I will try my best to continue writing much more useful blog posts and help users.

1 comment:

Yaron Naveh said...

Way to go!

I also saw a lot of interest in my web services blog this year.

I think you should use feedburner to get better visibility on your feed too.