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Friday, August 28, 2009

Where to put third party jars in WSO2 WSAS?

In the pre-carbon versions of WSO2 WSAS (2.* and older), you may have used WSAS_HOME/lib/extensions directory to put third party jars such as jdbc drivers.

After WSO2 WSAS became a part of WSO2 Carbon platform, a.k.a WSAS-3.* versions, all third party jars should be placed inside WSAS_HOME/repostiroy/components/lib directory of your WSAS distribution.

**This is applicable to all WSO2 Carbon products (WSAS, ESB, G-reg, IS, BPS)

Remotely starting OSGI console when WSO2 Carbon runs on an application server

When WSO2 Carbon based product (WSAS, ESB, G-reg, BPS, IS) runs in standalone mode, you can start server with equinox OSGI console just by issuing -DosgiConsole system property.

wso2server.bat -DosgiConsole

How do you connect to OSGI console when you are running Carbon on an application server such as WebSphere or WebLogic (or tomcat, JBoss etc..)?

1. Open WEB-INF/web.xml file of the carbon web application
2. Uncomment the following element



<param-value>-console 19444</param-value>


3. Now restart carbon with these settings.
4. Open a new command window/shell and connect to osgiConsole using telnet as follows

telnet localhost 19444

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to deploy WSAS-3.X on Oracle WebLogic 10.3


Once Azeez has written a 10 minute guide to installing WSO2 WSAS on Weblogic server. That guide explains the steps to deploy 2.X family of WSAS on weblogic. With the introduction of WSO2 Carbon platform in December 2008, WSO2 WSAS is no longer distributed as a separate war distribution. Hence, the instructions given in that document is not applicable when deploying WSO2 WSAS-3.X series on Oracle WebLogic server.
Since all WSO2 java products are built on Carbon platform, users can configure running WSO2 products on any application server using a set of components included in binary distributions. I have already explained the steps to deploy WSO2 BPS on tomcat and WSO2 WSAS-3.X on Jboss.

This post describes the steps to deploy WSO2 WSAS-3.X on WebLogic 10.3


Create a new weblogic domain by running config.sh {bat} located at WebLogic_HOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin directory.
Lets assume the new domain is wsas.

Access your weblogic domain direcrtory and start weblogic (Go to WebLogic_HOME/user_projects/domains/wsas/bin and run startWebLogic.cmd)

Step 2
Download the latest version of WSO2 WSAS-3.X from here. Extract the downloaded zip into a directory. Copy conf, database, repository and resources directories in to a new folder. Here after, we will refer it is wsas-repo (i.e:- C:\wsas\wsas-repo)

Also, create a new directory, wso2wsas and copy the WEB-INF directory located at the webapps/ROOT directory of the downloaded WSO2 WSAS-3.X to wso2wsas directory. Now, your wsas-repo should have five sub directories - conf, database, repository, resources and wso2wsas.
wso2wsas will be used as the webapp root directory.

Step 3

We need to enable SSL in weblogic server. Log in to weblogic administration console (You should have configured username and password for admin console when creating your WebLogic domain) and go to Environment --> servers. Select AdminServer.
Click on KeyStores tab. Configure keystores as shown below.

Keystore = Custom Identity & Custom Trust

Custom Identity Keystore = C:\wsas\wsas-repo\resources\security\wso2carbon.jks

Custom Identity Keystore Type = JKS

Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase = wso2carbon

Confirm Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase = wso2carbon

Custom Trust Keystore = C:\wsas\wsas-repo\resources\security\wso2carbon.jks

Custom Trust Keystore Type = JKS

Custom Trust Keystore Passphrase = wso2carbon

Confirm Custom Trust Keystore Passphrase = wso2carbon

Now, select SSL tab and enter the following values.

Identity and trust locations = keystores

Private Key Alias = wso2carbon

Private Key Passphrase = wso2carbon

Confirm Private Key Passphrase = wso2carbon

Save the configuration and go to the General tab. Select the check box next to "SSL listen port enabled".

Now we have configured the necessary changes to enable SSL on weblogic. Lets continue with deploying WSO2 WSAS on weblogic.

Step 4

Now, we should update the set of config files shipped with WSO2 WSAS. We will update carbon.xml, axis2.xml, registry.xml and user-mgt.xml which can be found at the above wsas-repo\conf directory.
First, open carbon.xml and update the ServerURL element as follows.


Note that we have configured weblogic to run on 7002 port.

Update WebContextRoot element as follows.


Save and close carbon.xml.

Open registry.xml and update DB URL as follows.


Now, open user-mgt.xml and update database URL as follows.


Make sure to specify the absolute path of the WSO2CARBON_DB in both of the above elements.

We must change the http and https ports in In Transports section of axis2.xml as follows.

<transportReceiver name="http"
<parameter name="port">7001</parameter>


<transportReceiver name="https"

<parameter name="port">7002</parameter>

Step 5

We have completed the required configurations and we can deploy WSO2 WSAS on weblogic now.
First, shutdown the weblogic server instance if it is still running.
open a new command window and change the directory to WebLogic_HOME/user_projects/domains/wsas/bin.
Define an environment variable called CARBON_HOME and set the path to your wsas-repo directory.

In windows; set CARBON_HOME=C:\wsas\wsas-repo
In linux; export CARBON_HOME=\home\user\wsas\wsas-repo

Run startWebLogic.cmd

Once the server is started successfully, log in to weblogic administration console using https://localhost:7002/console
Then, go to the Summary of Deployments page and select Install.
Locate the deployment root by selecting C:\wsas\wsas-repo\wso2wsas directory. (web app root directory will be shown with a radio button option as follows.

Click on next to proceed through the wizard and continue with the default settings.
Once the deployment is successful, save the configuration and select start --> servicing all requests

Now, we are done with the deployment. You could access the management console using https:\\localhost:7002\wso2wsas\carbon

1. In order to set the log4j logs, you may copy log4j.properties file in the extracted WSO2WSAS-3.X directory to wsas-repo\wso2wsas\WEB-INF\classes

2. If you want to deploy JaxWS services in WSAS/WebLogic platform, you should do the following configuration to avoid a class casting issue (https://wso2.org/jira/browse/CARBON-4835)

- Remove weblogic.jar/META-INF/services/com.sun.xml.ws.api.wsdl.writer.WSDLGeneratorExtension & restart Carbon

3. Also, Make sure to copy xalan-*.jar, xercesImpl-*.jar and xml-apis-*.jar from the lib/endorsed directory of the extracted WSAS binary distribution to weblogic endorsed directory before you start WSAS.