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Friday, December 19, 2008

A software architect's view on WSO2 QA methodology

Afkham Azeez, a software architect at WSO2 nicely puts together his observations of Quality Assurance practices by comparing them with the traditional QA processes.
As I always believe, the feedback of QA tasks must be come from the development team first. In an agile software process, it is really important to have feedback from the collegues of your team. You work with them. They know your approach and how you carry out your duties than the other hidden managers. Therefore, a good feedback from development team is definitely help a QA team to move forward.
I totally agree with Azeez on his idea on traditional vs agile/collaborative QA. We don't want our QA engineers to spend their valuable time filling huge excel sheets and writing comprehensive plans which are not even looked at during the test execution phases. Instead, our QA engineers learn SOA technologies, involve in community discussions, maintain technical blogs, researching on testability of features etc.. They are in a position to take over the QA testing of any SOA middleware with minimum ramp-up time. Since traditional QA people don't even look at the source code, our team write clients to invoke web services in reliable/secure manner, write DB scripts to port our products to run on different DBMSs and help developers in minor bug fixes during rush release cycles.
I must appreciate Azeez for sharing his view on QA which will help us to do a better job.


HilmiJ said...

I somewhat agree, but...

Writing Unit Tests (UTs) is a responsibility of a good developer. This includes unit testing of the WSs, defect fixing, writing DB scripts to deploy the app in all supported databases, etc...

May be writing Integration Tests (ITs) is a responsibility of QA engineers. Agree?

Another point is:
To start a life in QA, I guess we should adhere to the traditional QA methodologies (as you are defining). It will help the QA engineers a lot, to deep dive in the future.

Without doing it I do not think they will be able to effectively automate the QA process (includes coding).

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