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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Badboy is not bad!!!

I was having a difficult time last couple of days to find out a reliable open source load testing tool. WebLoad, OpenSTA, Badboy a few among a set of load test tools which were used for evaluation. As a result of the evaluation, I noticed that Badboy seems reliable and easy to use in capturing and replaying browser activities. We wanted to do a load test on WSO2 mashup user portal, mooshup.com and Badboy was successful in our scenario.

Badboy can easily be used to capture user navigation of a web site and the scenario can be converted to a set of threads. The test scenario captured by the tool can be exported to JMeter and run the load test through JMeter. So that, the effective reporting capabilities of JMeter can be utilized.

After all, I would recommend Badboy for any basic level load test scenario since it is free and very user friendly.

To find out more about Badboy, Visit http://www.badboy.com.au

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ftorres said...

For web testing developed in C# or VB.NET from Visual Studio I recommend InCisif.net